Custom Ring Design


Costs for customizing ring settings and custom ring settings may vary, allowing for the consideration of time and elements involved in the process.

You will be pleased to know that customizing is really not as expensive as most seem to believe, or have been told.

The process can cost a mere $250.00 to a cap cost of $1800.00. Providing that the style you have selected from Our Collection can in fact, customize for your needs.

If you are inspired by another design or you are designing from scratch with our designer, prices will vary accordingly.

We must make certain that your fashion taste is pleased and the requirements of your diamond and or gemstones are met.

We manufacture and design the finest quality ring settings Proudly made in the USA, using the best materials available. Coordinated with care and artistic concern, created and made to perfection.

Understanding the customizing ring process, helps ease the processing and technical area. Making the purchase comfortable, with ease and surety. A Well informed client is always a Happy Satisfied Client. Each situation of accomplishing your needs vary, for example, we are customizing an existing ring setting. The stone shape and size are different than the ring setting shown, unfortunately, it will not work properly as described on the web site. You are curious if this can be manufactured to work appropriately with your existing stones. We have to re-create the ring setting to fit the requirements of your stone, making sure that the proportions are correct at all times, along with a host of other technicalities that are always a concern of importance.

Keep in mind in certain situations it is only the head setting that requires changing. It is always important and imperative to speak with a technical specialist on staff.

Once we give you a dollar cost quote, it is generally held for a period of 1 month, providing the metals and or diamonds markets have not increased more than 10%.

In addition we estimate the length of time involved to design and manufacture the ring. The time frame does change all the time, depending on the changes required as well as manufacturing time involved. We always try our best to meet with your date requirements. Custom orders generally have a waiting period of 14 days at the least, up to 5 weeks. This is all dependent upon the complexity of the design as well as the orders taken during this period and prior.

When we are designing any ring setting from scratch, especially resulting from inspiration we received from you. We clearly need you to articulate your likes, dislikes and fashion taste. These settings will receive the same attention as mentioned above. However, you most likely you will receive more email contact from us regarding the authorizations of components as we design.


We always require a minimum of six bits of information from you, these are the most imperative.

    1. Ring Finger Size

    2. Choice of Metal Gold or Platinum – White Gold, Yellow Gold Pink Gold – 14K or 18K

    3. Shape of Center Stone

    4. Type of Gem Stone

    5. Millimeter Measurements of Stone

    6. Date Required


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